Fenugreek Hair Growth Mask

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If you're experiencing mild-extreme alopecia, dormanted follicles, thinning, balding, and any issue with dryness, frizz,  dandruff, or any scalp issues our Infused Fenugreek Hair Growth Mask is what you need.

This unique blend will awaken dormanted follicles. It'll have your hair silky, soft, thick, gives more density, manageability, strengthening of the hair as well. It'll hydrate your hair in one treatment. Our amazing products will help with dry, brittle, dandruff, dermatitis of the scalp & hair. Our Infused Fenugreek will help grow and moisturize the hair significantly.


Fenugreek is the main herb in this product. There's also a blend of amla, moringa, burdock root, ashwaganda, and hisbiscus, he Shou Wu, and More...



You'll need a Bowl, Hair mask, Elixir, Warm- Hot water, Spoon, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Deep Conditioner.

* Use 1 tablespoon of our Fenugreek Hair Growth mask in a bowl.

* Add 1 tablespoon of Elixir.

* Add as much Deep Conditioner needed.

* Use warm-hot water, pour into bowl slowly. Stir mixture well.

* Wash hair with shampoo 2-3x, Rinse with warm water.

* Apply CONDITIONER TO HAIR, leave on for 3 mins, rinse with cool water. 

* Apply generous amount of Deep Conditioner/Mask to hair. From roots to ends. Leave on for 15-20 mins. Use a hair dryer, steamer, or heating cap. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

* Style hair.

For scalp and hair treatments ONLY.

Our mask is good for women, men and children. 


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